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Welcome to the on-line locker management system for

Sunny Hills High School


Login below to rent your book locker for the school year.

Step 1. Your User ID is your STUDENT NUMBER also known as your SHORT ID.

Your Student Number is in Aeries. Select "Student Info" click "Demographic".

It it located in the upper left corner below "Student ID" under "Stu#".

It is not your Long ID/ Permanent ID/ Student ID/ Email ID.

In the Aeries App you must use the "Full Portal".

Step 2. Your password is a combination of your initials and your Student Number.

Your two initials will be uppercase.

(ex.  John Wen 789123 = JW789123)

By using a Book Locker you agree to TERMS AND USE POLICIES found in the 



Please contact ASB at shhslockers@gmail.com for assistance